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Susan Sisk-Price, MAT, ATR-BC, LCPAT

Every person is born with the power to create. This power is of the spirit and through it's use, one awakens and grows." -Cane

Art Therapy encourages self-awareness, growth and healing, by engaging in the creative process. Having worked exclusively with Women and Children survivors of relational trauma, it can be difficult to trust, or to feel safe enough to express one’s feelings. Relational trauma includes sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. The most devastating type of Relational abuse is Narcissistic abuse, which can include physical and sexual abuse as well. This type of insidious abuse can be difficult to identify, and to treat.  In Art Therapy, one is encouraged to explore and honor one’s emotions, which is the key to healing.  Not having a voice is often a symptom of relational abuse, and art gives us a voice, even if we don’t have the words. Not feeling seen or heard can begin in childhood. Exploring childhood patterns and grieving the things we needed, but didn’t receive, is a part of the healing process. Art Therapy is not about the creative product. It is about having the courage to engage in the creative process. Trusting in the creative process is essential in strengthening our relationship with ourselves, and our Higher Power.  

Professional Licensure:

State of Maryland: Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapist