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Soul Questions

The Background: The soul question project started, first and foremost, from my desire to know people. Therapy clients, friends, family, complete strangers, myself. I’ve always kept a list of “Soul Questions” to ask at parties and any other time awkward small talk was likely to occur. I find these questions are a fun way to help engage people in meaningful and interesting conversation.

What I did not expect, was the outstanding response I would get from incorporating these questions into my therapy practice.

My use of these questions as a therapeutic tool came from my desire to find a good way to end a therapy session. Therapy, by its very nature can uncover a lot of dark and painful things. I wanted to give my clients a light but meaningful thought to carry into their week. 

And so, one day, near the end of a session I randomly asked my client: 

“If you had to live without one of your senses for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?”

She immediately gave me an incredulous and pained expression. I was concerned that my question was a poor decision. But, she then smiled and answered my question in a surprising and thoughtful way. And it highlighted a side of her personality and her values that we may not have otherwise touched on in therapy. Several weeks later, I started to close a session without a question and my client said, “wait, you’re not going to ask me one of your questions?” Then it hit me-- she liked the questions and even looked forward to them. Maybe they would resonate with other people as well? 

I was caught off guard and did not have a question prepared so I asked her: “What color is your soul?”

And so, The Soul Question Project was born.

The Premise:

Being able to connect with other people in such a way has been a wonderful gift. I hear time and again that now, more than ever, people feel isolated and disconnected from others. There is a prevailing feeling of ‘difference,’ ‘separateness,’ and ‘otherness.’ Truth is, we’re all more alike than we are different. It is my sincere hope that this project, in some small way is able to help people open up, connect and understand themselves and each other better. The responses to these questions have been so intriguing, heartbreaking, hilarious and introspective. And we wanted to share them with everyone. 

With this project we hope to encourage conversation and connection between people. We’re not that different and disconnected after all… 

The Project:

So, here’s where you come in… We want more. We want to hear what you think and feel. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no wrong answer. What color is your soul? Which superpower would you most like to have? The answers may surprise you. 

So please, grab a post card (from the office or contact us and we’ll send you some) and put your answer on the back. Write a single word or a paragraph. Write as much or as little as you’d like. Write with pen or crayon… Paint or glitter… However you feel moved to answer. Whatever you feel moved to create. When you’ve said all you need to say, pop it in the secured box at Bodhi or drop in in the mail. We’ve taken care of postage. You don’t have to be a Bodhi client to participate in this project; it is open to anyone who would like to join in the conversation. If you’re old enough to answer the questions, we want to hear from you!

The Disclaimer:

Please note that participation in this project is strictly voluntary. Your answers will always remain anonymous. Be advised that we may use and share the responses we receive in print, digitally, on the internet, or in other forms. 

Want to know more? Have an idea for a question we should be asking? Email us at or find us on Facebook.


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