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COVID updates

Greetings. We hope this finds you all well as we continue our journey together through this unprecedented pandemic with its challenges and other ups and downs we’ve experienced along the way. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the grace and flexibility you, our clients, have shown since the pandemic changed the ways, large and small, that many of us have lived our lives. It is because of you, and the perseverance of Bodhi staff, that despite things grinding to a halt in other areas of our lives, we didn’t miss a beat in adapting to continue to provide the support and care you’ve come to expect (with the exception of some technology glitches, of course.)

Some of you have been asking about when, or if, we will be resuming in-person therapy services. We are pleased to let you know that we have begun to explore and plan for what in-person services will look like at Bodhi. We are sharing this information to keep you informed as we lay the groundwork for what we ultimately envision as a hybrid model of services, offering in-person sessions along with continued telehealth sessions.

Safety and comfort are the priorities for you and for Bodhi staff. As would be expected, these priorities have greatly influenced the planning conversations. The adjustment to this phase of the pandemic holds unique challenges for each of us, and we have decided that individual providers at Bodhi will determine how they can best offer services to the people they work with. This means that some providers will only be providing remote teletherapy services, some will be working with a hybrid model providing part time in- person and part-time remote teletherapy services and others will be working exclusively in-person.

You might be wondering what, if any, impact vaccines have had on our decision making. Many Bodhi providers are vaccinated and so learning that, it might be tempting to think “Yeah! Let’s get back to normal!” However, though time and science seem to indicate solid immunity, it is still possible for you or your provider to contract COVID, or a variant, and unwittingly transmit it to others who are not vaccinated. That chance may seem insignificant; however, it is one we are unwilling to take if it means potentially putting anyone at risk.

We are currently in the process of adjusting our office to create space for the safest possible in-person sessions. Our current plan involves using larger therapy rooms to allow for greater distance between client and provider, scheduling for increased time in between sessions to allow air to circulate and time for cleaning of the space in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidance. The plan also includes staggered scheduling to minimize the number of people in the space at one time and to limit exposure between clients. More detailed information about the in-person process will be shared as it is finalized. Please be patient with us as we consider how to offer services in the least disruptive and safest way possible.

We hope this message has provided some insight into our current plans. If you have questions as to how this affects you and your individual care, we encourage and welcome you to reach out to your provider to begin the discussion about how to best continue your healing journey in a manner that best supports you and your provider. We look forward to transitioning to the next portion of this journey in a mindful and grounded manner.

Be well and continue to awaken to your best self.Bodhi