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Additional Wellness Services & Collaborations

At Bodhi, we are committed to wholistic (dealing with the whole body, mind, and spirit) healing and personal growth. Each person’s journey is different and as such we have an eclectic assortment of services that also occur in our office space. Currently those services include: acupuncture, massage therapy, and reflexology. To learn more about our massage therapy and reflexology services, please call us at (443) 877-4044.

In addition to our wellness services, we are also excited to announce our recent collaboration with Moderncity + Main!

There are four scents in this custom collection: AWAKENING, BALANCE, CLARITY, and SACRED SPACES – the first three embodying what Bodhi founder Jesse Fairchild and Bodhi Clinician Nicole Nimmons describe as the “ABC’s of healing.”

These scents encompass the pivotal points in a person’s journey of healing:

  • AWAKENING – transition from the darkness of pain to the light of hope
  • BALANCE – self-discovery and (re)establishing one’s footing
  • CLARITY – healthy outlook
  • SACRED SPACES is a compliment to the scents of this journey and something of a capstone to this custom collection, capturing the strength and comfort found in the meditative moments of healing.