Loving on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day



Candies, flowers, gifts, gestures of love…..but what exactly is love anyway?

How do I want to be loved?

 How do I show love?

 How do I know love?

I sit with people who have lost love…through estrangement, through divorce, through death…..and I wonder if the person they loved so dearly ever even knew it? Our depth of sorrow after loss seems to far exceed our ability to be loving in everyday ways. I see the open heartspace of those who have lost their love and are searching for a way to get back to that feeling of connection, of bonding, of being known. And this, to me, is truly love….to be known.  To be seen as a being worthy of space in the world, worthy of opinions and thoughts and feelings, worthy of being loved.

Tell me where you are broken, and there I will find the seeds of love.

Let me see you in your brokenness, and I will find the threads of gold that stitch together your being.

For this Valentine’s Day, get the flowers, the candy, or the gifts if you want….but also allow yourself room to see someone (…anyone….everyone….) just the way they are, and then love them with everything you’ve got in very depths of your being. You won’t be disappointed.