The Fickle Nature of Grief

Grief does not discriminate. It does not care how much money you have, your political views, where you live or how many followers you have on Twitter. It affects us all, and has no set script for how it chooses to do so. How we walk through our grief, though a shared common experience, can be a lonely road with no clearly defined beginning and end. The thing about grief is that when we are in the middle of it, it feels as though it may never end. We start to feel better and more like ourselves, and then suddenly out of nowhere a wave of sorrow hits us that knocks of off our axis and threatens to destroy the sense of stability that we have worked hard up to now to achieve. This wave of sorrow, however sudden and jarring, is normal. Grief comes and goes and at times can be felt as lightly as a mere ripple in a pond, to as strong as a full tsunami destroying everyone and everything in its path. Again, grief does not discriminate. It is its own beast, yet even this beast can be tamed. Surrounding yourself with a support system can be key to getting through such a rough time. Being around people who know you and understand when to reach out, and more importantly when to let you have needed space can be a crucial component to battling through grief when it strikes. Honoring what you need and taking purposeful steps to find a new sense of balance and normalcy can also aid one as they work through the grieving process. The grief will not always be as strong as it is now, and beauty will continue to exist even through the grey. In time, even the grey will take on and unveil its own beauty. This is when we come to recognize that the grief no longer controls and dominates our every thought. Eventually, we assimilate it into our being and create opportunities for new life and perspective to emerge. It is out of our grief that we blossom and awaken to something new, something more grounded and steady than before. We awaken to our inner strength and breathe deeply to find we are rejuvenated and harmonious within ourselves.   Find your peace, and get back to being you.